07 August 2018

World’s new international order

Sergiu Medar

The new international order will slowly replace the actual liberal international order. The differences between the two is that the first one wants to reach the objectives of national interests without being forced to follow some restrictions which could stop this demarche. In the new international order, the bilateral relations between states are becoming essential. This is a process which will be deployed with prudence to avoid any collapse with destructive effects.

Image source: Mediafax

All world’s politics analysts unanimously agree that the liberal international order, founded after the Second World War, does not satisfy anymore the demands coming from all states. The US dominated politically, economically and military the globe and supported the liberal international order to keep a peace condition, internally as well as internationally.

Successful for 70 years, now this concept not only that shows off its limits, but also becomes, very quickly a break in the individual development of some states. It does not mean that democracy disappears, but remains fundamental in the internal development of these states.

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