17 July 2018

Will the Space Forces operate as a separated category for the US? (Part 1)

Mircea Mocanu

On 18th of June, before the National Space Council meeting (NSC), US president, Donald Trump, announced that he “asked the Pentagon to immediately start the necessary process to create the sixth army forces category” of the US, the Space Forces. Which are the difficulties and the perspectives of this vision?

Image source: Mediafax

We will try to deal with this in two parts. Firstly, China and Russia reacted immediately against this perspective. But, theoretically, it seems normal for a special environment to ask for special military forces, and the US actually have this kind of troops. Its history reflects the dynamic of the development direction of an American military bureau, and NSC’s history indicates the coordination’s difficulty of such a special process. Therefore, organizing a separated category of forces [...]

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