18 July 2018

Will the Space Forces operate as a separated category for the US? (2)

Mircea Mocanu

On 18th of June, the US president announced that he “asked Pentagon to start the necessary process to create the sixth category of the army forces” for the US, the Space Forces. On the first part of the process, we discussed the immediate reactions coming from China and Russia, which are against this perspective. Then we showed that, theoretically, it is normal for a special environment to have special military forces, and the US actually have this kind of troops. We shortly presented their history and the NCS’s one, which reflect the dynamics of the US military bureau and the coordination difficulties of this special process. Therefore, the organization of a different forces category involves significant American legislative and bureaucracy complications. As a consequence, we noted how president Trump’s vision has a reasonable resistance coming from the US Congress, where they already came up with a temporary solution, which is the creation of a superior assembled/unified commission.

Image source: Mediafax

  In this second part we will analyze NASA’s technological process and civil projects, which show US’s special ambitions in the space domain. Looking for a solution for US’s Space Forces place, we will realize what the project situation of the Space Forces looks like and which the difficulties in Pentagon are, especially in the Air Forces domain.  Yet, president Trump asked clearly for a different category, maybe as the marine infantry is in the Military Marine Department, and [...]

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