03 August 2018

What does “America first” mean?

Sergiu Medar

The “America first” catchphrase, used by the US president, Donald Trump, during his electoral campaign became, at the moment, a statecraft principle and a new approach method for the international relations. To a better understanding of US’s internal and foreign policy must be understood this catch phrase, but also the way it created a new US approach in the international relations. Could this lead to “Europa First”, “Russia First”, “China first”, etc., as official statecraft principles for other states or not? It depends only on their leaders or on the credibility of the state’s force?

Image source: Mediafax

The “America First” catchphrase was used for the first time by the American president, Woodrow Wilson, in his electoral campaign. It was then taken by Donald Trump in 2016, being used exactly with the same purposes and with the same success. After the election of the US president, on 20 January 2017, in his initial speech, Trump used this slogan repeatedly. After president’s first measures were taken, he transformed it in an action principle.

Although did not win this US presidency position through foreign policy topics, “America first”, based on nationalist and un-interventionist principles, was immediately received by the republican electorate, and even by a part of the democratic one. In a canvass offered publicly, made on 25.01.2017, after the inaugural speech, it was mentioned that 65% from the respondents had a positive response to this principle.

The federal budget for 2018 was offered to the public, was created by “Make America Great Again” and “America First” principles. The first catchphrase was not that used because was contradicting the enounced un-interventionist principles. Even if it is hard to say that Trump will not apply these interventionist policies. Probably, these will not be preponderantly military, but it is possible to be economically or political.

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