05 July 2018

UK asks Russia details about the Novichok nerve agent after the Amesbury incident

Mircea Olteanu

London (Mediafax): Security Minister, Ben Wallace, asked Russia to offer details regarding the Novichok nerve agent attack that affected the ex-Russian spy, Serghei Skripal, and his daughter, after two more British citizens were affected by the same substance, says Reuters Agency.

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“The Russian state could fix this “injustice”, they could tell us what happened, what they did and also they could fill some significant gasps that we are trying to cover”, said Ben Wallace.

“They are the ones that could offer us all the clues necessary to keep the people safe”, added the British official.

The two British citizens that were found unconscious in Amesbury, very close to Salisbury, are in critical condition in the hospital after being exposed to Novichok, a nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union and used in the Skripal case.

Great Britain, the United States and the European Union are accusing Russia for the chemical attack that affected the Russian spy Serghei Skripal and his daughter, on 4th of March, in the British village Salisbury.

Moscow denied the accusations and asked Great Britain to offer proofs that the chemical attack from Salisbury was not committed by the British secret services, adding that, if not, they will consider this as an aggression against the Russian citizens.  

Committe leader of Defence from the Moscow Parliament, Vladimir Shamanov, declared on Thursday that the Great Britain should ask Russian experts for help regarding the investigation of the Amesbury incident.