23 May 2022

UDT 2022 heads to the Grey Zone (Sponsored) General Dynamics Electric Boat supports US-UK strategic weapon programme South Korea lays keel for new Ulsan frigate class ASW suite integrated on MSubs' XLUUV Damen delivers the first of three MMIPVs to the South African Navy Denmark aims to field SM-2 across Iver Huitfeldt-class from 2025 onwards Latest Project 20380 corvette embarks on sea trials USN commissions Freedom-variant LCS 21


The UK RN officially decommissioned the Trafalgar-class submarines HMS Trenchant and HMS Talent at Devonport Naval Base on 20 May, leaving HMS Triumph as the only remaining boat in the class. Triumphis earmarked to continue in RN service until 2024-2025 but the submarine is currently undergoing a refit.The seven Trafalgar -class nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) are being replaced by the same number of Astute -class SSN boats, four of which have been delivered to the RN (first-in-class [...]