13 February 2019

This year belongs to Romania – the year of world’s unconventional changes

Indira Crasnea

This year belongs to Romania – the year of world’s unconventional changes 

The march of time and European Union’s functioning mechanism have brought Romania, for half year, in Union’s foreground. It is a moment to be repeated many years from now. If… the Union will be the same, if the world will be the same. Something hardly to happen.

From winter to summer, Romania wil be conducting many “tables”, whereat it must bring the participants to the same denominator - through discussions and mediation - and then offer solutions to be approved – by the European Commission, the European Parliament- in order to make things better for a challenged, restless continent.

Though, these solutions will be less considered by the current European Legislative and Executive, and more by those to come after this year’s European elections.

Because Romania will have to conduct a transition period.

Furthermore, the march of time and the community’s functioning mechanism, ironically or maybe just suitably, gave Romania- the everlasting candidate for Union’s “trouble-maker child” role - the mission to conduct the businesses (mainly symbolically, yet this power should not be underestimated) in an uncommon transition period.

Now, changes are felt even throughout philosophies or habits. We are embracing new realities: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0.

Strange or unpredictable, here, in Romania, we are still the provincials who got lost in small wars. We could proudly say that we are the “islanders”, but this is Great Britain’s exclusive privilege.

2019 generously offered Romania the chance to go beyond mentalities’ “border” and be present. Speculating the future, not only correctly, but also excellently.

It is available for 2019 and for the rest of the world too. Time is not just moving fast, but also unconventionally, sometimes with unexpected epilogues. From the Black Sea to Africa.

In this Defence and Security Monitor issue, we are trying to clearly and consciously anticipate them.

Indira Crasnea
DMS Editor-in-chief