09 November 2020

The White House: The Mogul is out, but here comes the Celtic – the codenames given by the Secret Service to the current president and the president-elect

Sorin Butiri

The US Secrete Services will be using for the president-elect, Joe Biden, the codename the “Celtic” when he will move to the White House, in January.

Image source: Profimedia

According to many media source, the US Secrete Service will be using the codename “Celtic” for the 46th president, Joe Biden, after he will be giving his oath of office.

The codenames are used by the Secret Service for the presidents and high-level members of the government. Thus, Trump got the codename the “Mogul”, and his predecessor, Barack Obama, was the “Renegade”, meanwhile president Kennedy was “Lancer”.

By using this codename, Joe Biden makes a reference to his Irish origins.

Edwards Blewitt, Biden’s great-great-great-father, was from Ballina, the Mayo county, and has left Ireland for the US during the hunger in this country, between 1845 and 1849.