16 July 2018

The US-Russia relations around the Trump-Putin summit

Sergiu Medar

After a strong analyses of the US-Russia relation evolution, we can anticipate the subjects of the discussions that will happen on 16th of July, in Helsinki, between the leaders of the two big powers. These relations had an evolution that mostly depended, at least in the past 40 years, on the relation that the leaders of the two states had and especially on the political group orientation that led them to the highest position of their states.

Image source: Mediafax

The first official contacts between the Russian Imperium and the US took place in 1776 and the diplomatic relation opening between the two states was in 1809. In US’s Civil War, Russia supported the Union’s forces against the Confederates. In 1867 Russia sold to US its territory, Alaska, from North America. Between 1820 and 1917 in the US came, from the Russian Imperium, around 3, 3 million immigrants. The majority was Jewish or Polonies, and only 100.000 Russians.   During the [...]

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