06 July 2018

The Nuclear Forces of the US

Sergiu Medar

The constant intensification of the discouragement capacities in a world dominated by unpredictability, in a world in which the chances of using a nuclear weapon grow, made the US able to quickly develop its own nuclear capabilities by increasing the old performances or by developing new weaponry. For this, Trump’s administration created Nuclear Posture Review in which they present the ideas and the developing directions of the Nuclear Forces of the US.

Image source: Mediafax

[ Romanian Version HERE ]   At the Security Conference from München 2018, they (US) made a direct warning regarding the threat that the nuclear weapons represent against the global security. This threat can easily be observed from the analysis bellow, which shows the declared nuclear weapons that the states known for possessing such nuclear weaponry have, in the quantities mentioned.         Ţara Focoase active/total [...]

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