13 July 2018

The NATO summit, Brussels, 2018- concrete results, despite the show

Cristian Eremia

The 2018 NATO summit in Brussels will remain in history as a challenging summit against the trans-Atlantic cohesion. That is because it was an extremely tense event, marked by edginess and unseen political confrontations for the main western European allies, due to the trenchant and intransigent unilateral approach made by the US president, regarding the insufficient defence financing coming from the Europeans allies. Despite the speculations, the Alliance was really close to a declension of the trans-Atlantic’s relation and mutual trust between the western European allies and the US.

Image source: Mediafax

As we were expecting, president Trump came to Brussels with one main objective: to unconditionally and immediately convince the European allies to increase the defence funding, for a “fair distribution” of the financial tasks by supporting the defence by NATO’s European states members. The American President’s concern for this issue was already know by the Europeans. Obviously, the European allies reconfirmed that they will respect the commitment regarding the defence spending increasing [...]

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