06 December 2018

THE MAGAZINE: Defence Monitor and Security no 1 October 2018

Mihai Popa

Monitorul Apărării şi cultura de securitate

Image source: Mediafax

Defence Monitor and Security Culture

Security Culture is not a lounge discussion subject or one to happen behind closed doors, only for certified people- justified or not- as academics. It is something that it should be part of the informational luggage of a large public from a country that is a NATO and EU’s responsible member. Security Culture must be created without prejudices or false impressions by people and sources that illustrate equilibrium and with the aim to help at a correct understanding of a world which is continuously transforming.
This is the philosophy that Defence and Security Monitor follows, the result of an unseen and benefic collaboration between an acknowledged press brand – Mediafax - and an elite group of the Romanian military.
We can say about Defence and Security Monitor that lucidly follows the process of the events from the world of the three acknowledged elements of security: defence, intelligence, foreign policy - and analyzes it from a “swiss” perspective.
Because its people know the true power and resonance of some opinions and analyses and of the words spoken and written from a solid and undeniable knowledge and personal experience, unaffected by ridiculous games.
In a superficial and hasty world, Defence and Security Monitor is dedicated for the ones that know how to read between lines, but also for those who are willing to learn how to do it.
Its orientation is Euro-Atlantic, without any compromises. Its approach is balanced and intelligent, without any rebate.
Defence and Security Monitor is for the present, but also for the future. Security culture is not developed overnight.

Indira Crasnea
Redactor-şef / Editor-in-Chief