26 June 2018

The Kosovo case – decisive for the European future of the Western Balkans

Stelian Teodorescu

In the summer of 1991, when fighting between Serbian militias and Croatian troops heated up, the international community was becoming aware of the inevitable disintegration of former Yugoslavia, but also of the beginning of a regional conflict that could no longer be ignored and which threatened stability and peace across all of Europe. This disintegration process of former Yugoslavia was amplified, on one side, by the rapid secession of Croatia and Slovenia and the beginning of the Bosnian War (May of 1992), and on the other by a lack of consensus at European Community and UN level, regarding the status of the countries detaching from the former Yugoslavia.

Image source: Mediafax

[ Romanian Version HERE ]   Even after the intensification of the US’s diplomatic involvement in the region, especially in managing the peace process in Bosnia (1995), ethnic tensions from within the former Yugoslavia continued to grow in intensity. Extreme violence continued after Serbian leaders in Belgrade launched military operations with the objective of suppressing separatist tendencies in the province of Kosovo. We should highlight here that the growth of [...]

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