05 July 2018

The German Defence Minister responds to the critics that Donald Trump made regarding NATO

Teodora Marinescu

Berlin (Mediafax): „Germany contributed enough in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and will spend more on the military area”, declared the German Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, as a response to the critics that President Donald Trump made, reports politico.ru site.

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Talking to reporters in Berlin, Ursula von der Leyen responded to the criticism made by Donald Trump, mentioning the contributions that Germany makes considering that is the second biggest army troops provider for NATO’s operations.

German Government confirms that they are close to reaching the objective of allocating 2 percent of GDP to Defence. NATO allies took the responsibility of reaching this target by 2024.

Recently Trump sent letters to the leaders of some NATO member states among these standing Germany, Belgium, Norway and Canada, asking them to spend more on the defence area.

German Minister of Defence responded saying that the main objective is not to spend more, but to spend it well.

“You can easily spend 2 percent from GDP for Defence, but in the same time not giving a thing to the Alliance by not participating to missions”, said Von der Leyen.

The Minister also added that the European nations have their own priorities regarding security that are best protected by Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

The Washington Post newspaper recently talked about Pentagon analyzing the possibility to retire the American military troops from Germany, after the US President Donald Trump said he was shocked by the big number of American troops dispensed in this country.