07 December 2021

The Energy minister offers assurances that Romania will not run out of gas this winter

Mihai Draghici

The minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, gives assurances that Romanians will not run out of gas in February 2022, in case it will be cold, and no consumer will have the gas cut off.

Image source: Mediafax

Minister Virgil Popescu has said, on Tuesday, in a press conference, that “this winter will be like the last winter, like the last two winters, like the last three winters, because we have the same extraction capacity, even more, we now have more natural gas from the deposits”.

"The only difference is, if you have noticed, the interconnection capacity, the input capacity is no longer reserved in advance, and in our opinion and that of my colleagues in the member states, it is a way to fragilize the market and keep the price high", said Virgil Popescu.

The minister of Energy said that in terms of imports, Romania imports gas through three strategic points, Isarccea, Negru Voda and Hungary: "We are not talking about Ukraine," said the minister of Energy.