03 July 2018

The 5 truths of Special Operation Forces (SOF)

Daniel Ilie

At the end of the most recent presentation about the issues of the Special Operation Forces (SOF), at one of the post-academic courses for the development on the military career, one of my students asked me how the psycho-pshycal-intellectual profile of a military operator (SOF) should be, suggesting, somehow, that this one should actually have more muscles and pshycal force (like Rambo, the Hollywood cliché), to be OK regarding his psycho statement, and to have less high cognitive abilities. My answer to that question was a link to the 5 truths of the SOF, actually a fundamental guide of the good practice and also the lessons learned from the special operations area and useful for a large public, despite the difference between these military abilities and the conventional forces.

Image source: Daniel Ilie

[ Romanian Version HERE ]   A short history about how the 5 truths of SOF appeared For the first time, these 5 truths were mentioned by John Collins, a US colonel on reserve, its purpose being to reveal the essence of the SOF, in the report called „The Unites States of America and the Soviet Special Operations„, exposed to the American Congress, in 1987. Later, the centre and school commander of U.S. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center, the US [...]

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