22 February 2019


Mihai Popa

By using this site, www.monitorulapararii.ro, you agree with the terms and conditions mentioned in this page. The access and use of this page are subject to the following terms and conditions and to all the laws and applicable regulations. By accessing and using the site, you agree, with no limits or qualifications, with these terms and conditions and you become aware that any other agreements between you and third parties regarding the use of the site are being replaced with the provisions of this document. If you do not agree or do not accept with no limits or qualifications the Terms and Conditions of this site, please leave the platform.

By continuing to use the products and services offered by www.monitorulapararii.ro, you confirm that you agree with the Terms and Conditions mentioned bellow.


a. www.monitourlapararii.ro, named in the following paragraphs MONITORULAPARARII.ro, is Mediafax S.A property- in reorganization. By accessing this site or any other third part of this site, means that you agree with the following terms. The usage agreement will be made between you and Mediafax S.A- in reorganization. The approval is implicit and with no reserves.

b. MONITORULAPARARII.ro can change the content of the site at any time, it can modify the structure, content and access, it can block the information provision on the site, without making an agreement before or sending any notification to you or to a third person.

c. By continuing to use the site it means you offer your implicit approval and the entire approval for the terms and conditions presented in the following. The use means accepting the MONITORULAPARARII.ro rules.

d. MONITORULAPARARII.ro can change, block or interrupt the site, at any time, without announcing. MONITORULAPARARII.ro can restrain the access on the site or certain parts of it. Furthermore, MONITORULAPARARII.ro can limit the access for certain facilities/frames from the site, it can limit some IPs without sending notification or having any liability.


a.The content of the site is dedicated to personal use, with no direct or indirect commercial purpose. All the published materials (including, but without being limited to, articles, information, photos, data, audio/video- called content) are protected by the legal provisions: Law no. 8/1996—with the modifications and ulterior afterthoughts - regarding the copyright and the related rights, Law no. 84/1998- regarding labels and geographical indications and Law no.129/1992, republished – regarding the protection of sketch and models. If we do not mention some legal texts or objections it does not mean these do not apply.

b. The site and Content are protected by the Copyright Law in Romania, as well as by the provisions regarding the copyright, applicable in other territories than Romania. It is strictly forbidden to copy, stock, modify or transfer, with any title, a part or the whole site and/ or its Content. Exploiting is free, with the condition to not commercialize it and to respect the terms imposed by MONITORULAPARARII.ro.

c. Any type of copying, confinement, modification and/or transfer of the Content is totally prohibited, without the written approval of MONITORULAPARARII.ro.

d. MONITORULAPARARII.ro does not take responsibility for the eventual prejudices, current litigations, emerged or coming from/by copying, confining, modifing of transferring the entire or a part of the Content in any field.

e. If you think that any material published on this site by the newsroom or anybody else is breaking the copyrights or any other rights, please send us a notification, a message, sent at the address published in the Contact section of the site or via e-mail at monitorulapararii@mediafax.ro.

f. We are informing you that Mediafax S.A- in reorganization, will guarantee and firmly impose the recognition of intellectual rights, accordingly with the current laws, being ready to act in Court, if needed, against anyone who is breaking the intellectual property right of Mediafax S.A- in reorganization.


a. All rights are reserved. Mediafax S.A - in reorganization, allows you to use www.monitorulapararii.ro website given the following conditions:

b. There are completely forbidden the copying, modification, reuse, reproduction, publication, authorization, license offer to use, create paper works derived from, or to transfer, sell or use the Content published on this site by Mediafax S.A- in reorganization, the protected materials through the national and international copyright laws, in any other way than with the written approval of Mediafax S.A-in reorganization, as well as any other exploitation methods of the www.monitorulapararii.ro website content, except for using some documents or information, on a personal computer and print it or download it for personal and uncommercial purposes, with the condition to maintain all the elements related to intellectual property rights, other property rights and the conditions to use the respective documents or information.

c. It is forbidden to use www.monitorulapararii.ro website to display of transfer any type of material with a threatening, fake, confusing, abusive, harassing, licentious, slandering, obscene, scandalous, instigating, pornographic or profaner or any other type of material that could be or could encourage a behavior which may raise a crime or it could lead to public liability, or it may break the law.  Mediafax S.A.-in pending reorganization, will cooperate with any of the specific authorities and will take any adjudication which is asking Mediafax S.A to reveal the identity of any person who is transferring any kind of information through www.monitorulapararii.ro site.

d. It is forbidden to share any page from the site through framing, except someone has a written agreement with Mediafax S.A-in pending reorganization, about the approval to share any page.

e. It is forbidden to use www.monitorulapararii.ro for publicity or any other kind of commercial supply and demand, without the approval of Mediafax S.A-in reorganization.

f. Any other sites can take information only accordingly with the agreed terms and mentioned in this page by Mediafax S.A-in reorganization, except for an agreement, available and recognized by both parts, the user and Mediafax S.A- in reorganization.

g. Mediafax S.A-in reorganization agrees with taking for free the media material, which has intellectual property rights, only limited to 250 characters, spaces and URLs/hyperlinks are not being taken into consideration, guaranteeing the free circulation of information, as well as the <<freedom of press>> character, supported by these internet pages.

It is mandatory, in these cases, to quote the source of information. Taking more than it is mentioned in the paragraph above can be made only accordingly with an agreement, financial or any other type of deal, signed with Mediafax S.A- in reorganization.

www.monitorulapararii.ro will be quoted, with a link via the site, in the first paragraph (for example: “Local insurance companies have issued between January-March of this year, 93.478 mandatory binders (civil liability insurance), with a direct reimburse clause, with 39% more than in the second semester of the past year”, says www.monitorulapararii.ro”). At the end of the last paragraph of the news and inside of it will be mentioned “Complete on MONITORULAPARARII.ro” (or a similar formulation, usual on these sites), having the link www.monitorulapararii.ro.

Also, at the end of the news items, after the last paragraph and outside of it (or at the beginning of the news items, accordingly with sites layouts), it will be clearly mentioned: “SOURCE: www.monitorulapararii.ro”, with a link for the www.monitorulapararii.ro site.

The offline media is subject to the same terms agreed by Mediafax S.A-in reorganization, and accordingly with the provisions of the Copyrights Law in Romania.

h. MONITORULAPARARII.ro, the MONITORULAPARARII logo and anything that comes from the approved and confirmed logo by Mediafax S.A-in reorganization and www.monitorulapararii.ro are the property of Mediafax S.A-in reorganization, regardless of the field it is used in.


a. By using the www.monitorulapararii.ro site, you are the only responsible against the third parties, but also MONITORULAPARARII.ro, about the access/use/exploitation of the content. Mediafax S.A- in reorganization and its affiliated societies, officers, executives, agencies or any other part involved in creating, producing and offering the site are not responsible for direct or indirect injuries, of any type, which may come from or about the use of this site or its content. Mediafax S.A- in reorganization does not take responsibility and will not be accountable for any injury or viruses which may affect your computer or anything else after accessing or using this site, or downloading any material, information, text, images, videos or audio from this site.

b. Mediafax S.A-in reorganization and www.monitorulapararii.ro has the right to modify, delete any message posted on the site, interpreted by MONITORULAPARARII.ro as being abusive, calumnious, obscene or that it could break any protected legal right.

c. By using this site you agree with the publication, by MONITORULAPARARII.ro, of a Content, established accordingly with our own criteria, a Content which can be interpreted as being published, presented in a manner that you may not wish. In such cases, MONITORULAPARARII.ro’s responsibility will not be retained.


a.By sending information to Mediafax S.A-in reorganization or to any other enthity affiliated to Mediafax S.A- in pending reorganization and to www.monitorulapararii.ro means you provide some materials, including, but not limited to, messages, articles, information, photos, data, videos audio and comments.

b. Sending information to Mediafax S.A-in reorganization or to any other affiliated society with Mediafax S.A-in reorganization and to www.monitorulapararii.rois equivalent to the approval givento MONITORULAPARARII.ro and the affiliated societies (collective incorporated as MONITORULAPARARII.ro) to be free of any obligation regarding any payment and/or remuneration, unexclusive and for a 50 years period, to use, copy, publish, distribute these information, by any method and with any title, in any environment existent or discovered in the future.

c. Also, by sending information to MONITORULAPARARII.ro, means you agree with the indemnification of MONITORULAPARARII.ro and/or the third parts as consequence of the existence/emergence of some prejudices of any type from using, copying, publishing or distributing this information. MONITORULAPARARII.ro does not take any limited responsibility from the information provided.

d. MONITORULAPARARII.ro does not take responsibility for the posted materials on this site by other person than those who have a contract with the institution. We are disaffiliated from any messages with racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic, calumniator, insulting, backbiting, obscene or inappropriate published on the site by user from the comments section.


The access to the online content of the www.monitorulapararii.ro site is now free of charge.


a.  Monitorulapararii.ro uses cookies. Cookies are computing data captured on user’s hardware, containing information about the use. Using the cookie mechanism is an advantage for the visitors. For example, by using a cookie from the browser someone is accessing MONITORUPAPARARII.ro, for which the user only has to approve on the site once, it will retain the user’s preferences (example using the desktop versions of the site versus the mobile one). If the user refuses a cookie, he can still use www.monitorulapararii.ro. Cookies help the site to track and segment our users’ interests, to intensify the experience in our site’s visit. Some of  Mediafax S.A- in reorganization business partners are using cookies on the site (for example, those who are working in publicity). All of this aside, we do not have access and neither we can control these cookies. For more information and to express your approval regarding the cookies policy use, please access the following online address https://monitorulapararii.ro/about-cookies.


a. If the user wants to use our sharing service, telling someone about the site or newsletter, Mediafax S.A-in pending reorganization will not ask for the e-mail address of the recipient or the sender. MONITORULAPARARII.ro does not store this information as the action is taking place across the e-mail application of the sender. Mediafax S.A-in reorganization does not have access to your mailing, regardless of their nature.


a. he users have the possibility to unsubscribe when they do not want to receive the MONITORULAPARARII.ro newsletter, through the unsubscribe content link from the e-mail. Users can unsubscribe the newsletter at any time using the link they have in newsletter’s footer. For more information about the personal data process, please access the online address https://monitorulapararii.ro/gdpr.


a. Mediafax S.A-in reorganization follows all the security measures to protect user’s personal information. When completing the personal data information on the site, the information is protected online, as well as offline. All the information about the users are confidential. Only the employers whose activity involves working with personal information (for example, the customer care representatives) have access to identification data of the users. The servers where user’s personal information are stored in a secure place. For more information about the kind of data we are processing, which are your rights and general information about the personal data process, please access the link:https://monitorulapararii.ro/gdpr.


a. The content of this site, including news, estimation, data and other information is provided by MONITORULAPARARII.ro and by its content providers. This site is providing information tools, but it is not giving advices and it does not make any recommendation about financial tools, investments or products.

b. MONITORULAPARARII.ro do not ask clients for personal information through an unbid correspondence.  Any type of correspondence which is offering financial advices or any unbid message asking to reveal personal information must be considered fake and immediately reported to MONITORULAPARARII.ro through the e-mail address monitorulapararii@mediafax.ro.

c. MONITORULAPARARII.ro and its providers do not take responsibility for the mistakes, imprecisions or delays in providing SITE’s content and neither for any action which is based on this content. MONITORULAPARARII.ro refuses any responsibility regarding the explicit or implicit guarantee of content’s accuracy provided by third parties of how the information is used for certain purposes. Although MONITORULAPARARII.ro makes all the efforts to get trustable information from its foreign providers, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide.

d. Each MONITORULAPARARII.ro user agrees that, at Mediafax S.A- in reorganization demand, to exonerate any responsibility of the company for any judicial or extra-judicial actions, or to cover the Court costs and any other costs that may appear for any breaks the use may do regarding the clauses of this document.

Any individuals and companies responsible for breaking the provisions of this document will suffer the provisions of the current legislation in Romania.

e. MONITORULAPARARII.ro can modify and update these conditions at any time. The modifications come into effect when published on the website.


a.  These Privacy Conditions are updated whenever needed. The modification shows the type of information published or transmitted by MONITORULAPARARII.ro. Please read periodically these conditions, to keep in touch with the information MONITORULAPARARII.ro collects, uses or sends.

The most recent update of these Terms and Conditions has been made on 30.01.2019