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a)This site (generically named site or website) is part of the Mediafax sites. Accessing this site or any part of this site requires your unspoken agreement to the following terms. The user agreement makes its effects between you and Mediafax SA. Your consent is considered unspoken and without reservation.

b) Continuing to use this site requires your unspoken agreement and your full acknowledgement of the Terms and conditions that will be presented in the following. Usage also requires agreeing to Mediafax rules.

c) Mediafax can opt to change the content of the site at any time, can modify its structure, content and accessibility, and can discontinue providing information on the site, without any prior agreement and without notifying you or third parties.

d) Mediafax can change, suspend or discontinue this site, at any time, without prior announcement. Mediafax can limit access to the site or to parts of the site. At the same time, Mediafax can limit access to certain facilities/frames in the site, can set access limitations to certain IPs without notification and without taking liability.


a) The content of this site is destined to personal use, without a direct or indirect commercial purpose. All of the published materials (including, but not limited to, articles, information, photographs, data, audio/video recordings – generically named content) are protected by applicable legal provisions: Law nr. 8/1996, with its subsequent changes and additions – regarding copyright and related rights, Law nr. 84/1998 – regarding trademarks and geographical indications, Law nr. 129/1992, republished – regarding drawings and industrial models. Not mentioning certain legal texts or applicable provisions does not mean they cannot be applied.

b) As an exemption to the previous provision, Mediafax or its partners do not own materials which are indicated on the site as having a different copyright owner, or any other type of owner or a different source and neither opinions and/or commentary of any kind expressed by the site’s users regarding any of the materials posted on the site or the content of the site as a whole.

c) Any form of copying, storing, modifying and/or transmission of the content bearing the Mediafax logo is explicitly forbidden, without the prior written consent of Mediafax.

d) Mediafax cannot be held accountable for any possible damage, existing legal disputes, arising or stemming in relation with/to copying, storing, modifying or transmission of the whole or part of the Content in any environment.


a) All rights reserved. Users of this site can download and print the content of this site only for personal or non-commercial use.

b) It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modify contents of this site, to create components or products or derived full-services based on the content of this site, as well as any other type of exploiting the site’s content, with the exception of displaying it on the screen of a personal computer and printing or downloading, for personal and non-commercial use, of certain documents or information explicitly designated for this type of use, with the requirement that all elements which refer to intellectual property rights, any other property rights and terms of using the documents or concerned information are to be kept unmodified.

c) The republishing of information from this site’s content by other websites can only be done in accordance with the terms agreed by the Romanian Press Club: “The Council of Honor considers that free republishing of press materials can be done only within a limit of 500 characters, but not more than half of the concerned article or news piece, assuring this way the free movement of information, and also the “press review” nature claimed by the concerned internet pages.

It is mandatory in these cases for the source of the information to be cited Republishing more than is specified previously can only be done in the circumstances of an agreement, financial or of other types, made with the rights holder”.

Offline media are also subjected to the terms agreed by the Romanian Press Club and in accordance with provisions of the Romanian Copyright Law.

d) In cases where the site’s content, regardless of where it is on the site and regardless of type, is republished by the site’s administrator from other producers/content creators or creators of text, image, graphical or video sequence materials, but without limiting to these, the act of republishing will be done in accordance to legal provisions and applicable regulations in such cases.


a) You are the only one responsible in front of third parties, as well as Mediafax regarding accessing/using/exploiting the content. Mediafax reserves its right to modify or delete any message posted on the site, interpreted at the discretion of Mediafax as being abusive, defamatory, obscene or capable of infringing on any protected legal rights.

b) Using the site means that you declare and agree with Mediafax publishing certain content, determined based on criteria defined by Mediafax, content that can be interpreted as being published, presented in a manner that might not conform to your wishes. In these cases, Mediafax cannot be held liable.


a) Sending information to Mediafax is defined as you providing materials including, but not limited to, messages, articles, information, photographs, data, audio/video clips.

b) Sending information to Mediafax amounts to you granting your accept that Mediafax and its affiliated societies (collectively classified as Mediafax) are free from any obligations regarding any payment and/or compensation, not exclusive and for a period of 50 years, to use, copy, publish, distribute, in any way and under any title, in any existing environment or in future ones, these pieces of information.

c) At the same time, by sending information to Mediafax, it is presumed that you agree to compensation for Mediafax and/or third parties following the existence/appearance of damages of any kind from using, copying, publishing or distributing the concerned information. Mediafax does not accept limited liability on part of the information’s provider.

d) Mediafax does not take responsibility for written materials published on this site by individuals other than those who have a contract signed with the institution. We do not associate ourselves with messages of racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, slanderous, insulting, defamatory, obscene or indecent nature published on the site by users in the comments section.


a) Access to the site’s content is done partially free and partially based on registration data.

b) For the “Login/Register” option, the user will be asked for his contact information. The registration form will contain the user’s detailed contact information (full name, company, mobile phone number, e-mail address).

c) After completing the registration form, the user will have at his disposal an account to use the services. The user is entirely responsible for keeping the secrecy of the password associated to accessing the site’s services. The user is entirely responsible for all of the information made public from his user account. In cases of unauthorized access of the account by third parties, Mediafax does not take responsibility for any possible consequences that might result from this situation.

d) Mediafax is the sole owner of information collected from this site. We will not sell, share or rent the information to third parties in any ways other than those presented within this disclaimer.


a) Mediafax S.A. is registered as a personal data operator and takes all of the necessary security measures to protect the private information of its users. When you enter your personal data on our site, the information will be protected both offline and online, in accordance with legal provisions on the matter. The newsletter subscription forms require entering certain personal data which will be protected. All user information is confidential. Only employees whose specific activity implies handling personal data (such as customer support representatives) have access to user identification data. The servers in which user personal identification information is stored are located in a secure place.


a) The content of this site, including news, aggregated materials, quotations, data and other information, is provided by Mediafax and its content providers. This site provides instruments for information, but does not offer any kind of advice and makes no recommendation regarding certain financial instruments, investments or products.

b) Mediafax does not ask its customers for private information through any type of communication unsolicited by them. Any type of communication which offers financial advice or any unsolicited message which asks for disclosure of private information must be considered as forgery and reported to Mediafax.

c) Mediafax and its content providers are not liable for the errors, imprecisions or delays in providing the content offered by the SITE and neither for any action based on this content. Mediafax declines to take any responsibility regarding guaranteeing, explicitly or implicitly, the accuracy of content provided by third parties or the way in which the concerned information serves certain purposes. Although Mediafax makes all the possible efforts to obtain trusted information from its external providers, it does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by them.

d) Every user of the SITE agrees that, at the request of Mediafax S.A., he/she will exempt the site and Mediafax S.A. from any legal or extrajudicial actions, and will cover court expenses or any other expenses that might result from the violation on part of the concerned user of the provisions specified in the present document.

Judicial or natural persons found responsible of violating the provisions of the present document will be subject to the provisions of current applicable law in Romania.

e) Mediafax reserves its right to modify and update these conditions at any time. Any changes come into effect the moment they are published on the site.