05 July 2018

Social Democrat Deputy Gabriel Vlase will take the oath for the office of Foreign Intelligence Service

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

Social Democrat Deputy Gabriel Vlase, vice-president of the Chamber, will take the oath on Thursday, at the Cotroceni Palace, for the position of director of the office of Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE).

Image source: Mediafax

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“Thursday, 5 of July, at 1 pm, on Cotroceni Palace, will be the ceremony in which Petru-Gabriel Vlase will take the oath for the office of the Foreign Intelligence Service”, as an information posted on the Presidential Administration site shows.

Vlase was validated on Wednesday by the combined plenary of the Deputy and Senate Chamber for the position of director of the SIE. There were 341 votes for and 31 against.   

“I can only say that I have big objectives, meaning that we have to make major changes starting the next day. There are situations that persisted for years regarding the balance of the legislation, as the legislation is really old, it is been 20 years since the first law appeared. Meanwhile, Romania became a member of NATO, with responsibilities in the European space, but also in the North-Atlantic one. So, first of all the legislation issue. Second of all, the specific situations in the services area, because we have issues there too, regarding the benefits of the employees”, says Vlase after the audition on the control committee of Foreign Intelligence Service, explaining his objectives as becoming director of SIE.


President Klaus Iohannis transmitted on 14 of June a letter to the presidents of the two Chambers of the Parliament, in which he proposes Petru-Gabriel Vlase as the new director of the Foreign Intelligence Service.