16 July 2018

Serge Durand (Airbus Romania): we hope that Romania will choose to be the first client of the H215M helicopters production

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

Airbus wants to open a production line for the H215M fight helicopter, in Brasov, being necessary to achieve 16 helicopters, the company saying that they want “Romania to be their first client”.

Image source: Airbus Romania

“We have in Ghimbav the Airbus Helicopters Romania (AHRO) facility, which offers global maintenance services, reparations and personalization for helicopters in service all around the world. Also here we have a new manufacture, currently in process, where we are impatiently about to start the production of H215M, a versatile helicopter, ultra-performing, from the Super Puma family. For this it is necessary an achievement of 16 helicopters and we hope that Romania will be out first client. Actually, Romania needs and deserves a new modern helicopter fleet, capable to face the current complex challenges. We are flexible, transparent and definitely committed in a dialogue with our Romanian partners to prepare together the best solution for Romania. We are involved for a long time in Romania, and our desire to open a production line for the H215M helicopter in Brasov, represents a commitment for the future”, said Serge Durand, country manager for Airbus Romania.

Durand also said that “Romania needs helicopters for searching and rescue missions, as well as for medical operations, that Airbus easily proposes through H135.” We are interestingly waiting the auction of the Interior Minister.

“Recently, Hungary ordered 20 H145M helicopters from Airbus. Our neighbor country consolidates its Air Forces choosing this easy attack helicopter, appropriate for a complex series of actions, from fight support to troops transport, supervising, rescuing and medical evacuation. Romania also wants to replace its old helicopters fleet and in the same time to re-launch its aeronautic industry. Airbus is a trustable industrial partner, which can contribute in supporting both processes by reopening a production line in Ghimbav”, also says Serge Durand, country manager for Airbus Romania, for MAS.