01 August 2018

Serbia continues the endowment and modernization for its security and defence forces

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

Serbia wants “military neutrality” and continues to develop its defence and security system, considering the challenges analyses, the risks and the threats received against its security. Discouragement is the most important thing in the security and defence paradigm promoted by the Republic of Serbia, where technical endowment and the modernization of the Serbian army plays an important role. Among the target countries for discouragement stays the power in Pristina. Simultaneously with the process of equipage and endowment, Belgrade’s authorities supports the national defence industry. For weaponry and military technique achievements, but also military cooperation, generally, Belgrade will continue to look for partners in East, as well as in West.

Image source: www.mod.gov.rs

  Serbia’s Army measures for technical endowment and modernization Serbia is one of the states formed under Yugoslavia’s dissolution (Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), one of the “Non-Aligned Movement’s” leaders, under the leadership of the ex-president, Josip Broz “Tito”. In this circumstance, but also after the negative experience with NATO and NATO’s member states in the severe SFRL’s destruction process, especially after NATO’s military intervention against [...]

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