31 July 2018

Russia and China- common naval exercises

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

A meeting between the Chinese naval forces commander, Vice-admiral Shen Jinlong and the Russian commander of the North Sea fleet, Vice-admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, about the bilateral cooperation took place on 30th of July, at the principal naval base of the North Sea Fleet in Severomorsk.

Image source: Flota Mării Nordului

In the press release offered by the North Sea’s Fleet, after the so-called “work visit”, it is mentioned that the “parts discussed a series of subjects regarding the answer at the threats coming from the Planetary Ocean and possible cooperation forms for consolidating the maritime security”, without specifying anything about the exercise the naval forces from the two states will participate at. In June 2018, the Centre for International Maritime Security published an analyze (author David [...]

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