24 September 2021

Romanian ambassador to US: Iohannis denounced at the UN the conflicts in Romania's neighborhood

Mihai Draghici

Romania's ambassador to Washington, Andrei Muraru, has said on Friday that he attended the speech of president Klaus Iohannis in the plenary session of the UN General Assembly, in which he spoke about climate changes and the conflicts in Romania's neighborhood.

Image source: Mediafax

Andrei Muraru wrote on Facebook on Friday that he attended, in the plenary session of the UN General Assembly, the speech of president Klaus Iohannis, who led, this week, the Romanian delegation to the organization's works in New York.

Among other current international issues, president Iohannis spoke about Romania's efforts to respond to climate change as a priority of its mandate. Also, the president denounced the prolonged conflicts in Romania's neighborhood that continue to threaten European security", said the Romanian ambassador to the United States of America.

Klaus Iohannis also participated in events organized on the sidelines of the General Assembly, namely a forum dedicated to climate changes and a summit, at the invitation of US president Joe Biden, on coordinating the international response to the pandemic. On the occasion of the UN meeting, president Klaus Iohannis met with representatives of relevant organizations.

The UN General Assembly meeting is the most important annual international multilateral diplomacy event.