24 October 2022

Romania's Defence minister Vasile Dîncu has resigned

Mihai Draghici

Romani'a Defence minister Vasile Dîncu has resigned from his position on Monday, according to an announcement posted on Facebook.

Image source: Mediafax

"During this morning, I submitted my resignation from the position of Minister of National Defence to the prime minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă", announced Dîncu.

"I justify my gesture from the perspective of the impossibility of collaboration with the President of Romania, the supreme commander of the Army. I consider it necessary to withdraw from this position in order not to prejudice in any way the decision-making processes and programs that require fluidity along the entire chain of command and not to block a series of projects absolutely necessary for the optimal functioning of the Ministry of National Defence and the Romanian Army", shows the resignation letter submitted to prime minister Nicolae Ciucă.

Vasile Dîncu has recently been the target of criticism from the prime minister and president Klaus Iohannis, after a series of statements related to the resolution of the Ukraine conflict.