Hot spring for Romania

Romania’s takeover of European Union’s Council Presidency, the Sibiu summit and the extraordinary EU leaders’ summit, to take place on 28th of May, whereat there will be elected the new European institutions chiefs, are making Romania be extremely visible, this spring, for Europe. For global scenes, too. Given president Putin’s more and more aggressive statements and actions, Romania’s Euro-Atlantic orientation is too much for Russia, who wants to have an equal, or even dominant, position at great powers’ table. And if confronting the US directly is not possible, it can still be done through states that are geographically closer.

Although most of the Romanians have European openness, the internal political disputes might overshadow the national and European security interest. EU is experiencing economic challenges, given Trump’s Administration concerning speech, which sets conditions for its NATO membership, as well as the illiberalism and nationalism tendencies within Union’s states framework. All these factors can be the beginning of unexpected challenges.

Aware of the possible negative effects, EU’s leaders are focused on unity. As Great Britain was not invited at the Sibiu summit, we expect the EU leaders to hope for the unconditional support of smaller states, which have, however, great economic and geographic resources. Romania currently has the inside track of being the center of attention. In this spring and summer, Romania chairs many tables whereat it will have to promote this unity. How will our country brave this challenge?

Alina Miron, Coordinating Editor

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