17 September 2019

October 3rd 2019- Defence and Security Monitor Conference- The national security policy- from strategic thinking to security and defence institutions

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

Defence and Security Monitor organizes, on October 3rd 2019, at the Marriott Hotel from Bucharest, the conference on “The national security policy- from strategic thinking to security and defence institutions” a debate forum with important guests from Romania and abroad.

Image source: Mediafax

Among the topics to be discussed at the event, we will have “Romania’s fundamental national interests and major threats against Romania’s national security”, “Romania’s capacity to provide the national security” and “Romania’s national security” concept within the current international context.  

Starting from the idea that “national security is the most valuable thing for a nation”, conference’s participants will be able to analyze the meanings of the national security concept within the transformations that the international system faces, especially in the Euro-Atlantic space.

Conference’s objectives are related to understanding the importance of national security and defence by all Romania’ citizens, acknowledge institutions’ role, the transparency of using state funds, citizens’ involvement in the strategic decisions and the identification of the main objectives and solutions of the future National Defence Strategy.

Given that national security’s role creates many dilemmas, conditions, and constraints, to both the policy makers and the citizens they represent, the conference aims to answer the following questions: What is the meaning of national security for the state, society, and every citizen? Who bears the responsibility of Romania's national security? What are the convergences and divergences between national security and Euro-Atlantic security? Does national security bring more freedom or more constraint to Romanian citizens? What are the major threats against Romania's national security? How much security is too much security? What are the affordable costs of national security? Why, despite the investments in national security, there is a persistent feeling of insecurity?

The answers to these questions are fundamentally dependent on the consistency and depth of the national security concept, therefore the debate wants to create a sound Romanian vision on national security and, implicitly a functional and effective national security architecture.

The Defence and Security Monitor aims at creating an integrative space for debates, whereat to gather, for the first time, all social actors, to highlight the defining current and future benchmarks of the national security, for a country that is, now, in the middle of regional and global security turbulences, emerged due to international system’s transformations. The reason behind this process comes from our social responsibility, and the magnitude is determined by the mission the Defence and Security Monitor has assumed, one to gather all ideas, initiatives, creativity and critical analyses on the Romanian society, to strengthen the national security and defence.