02 November 2018

Netanyahu says that moving Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem is just a matter of time- sources

Ionel Dancu

Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu told prime-minister Viorica Dancila, Friday, in Varna, that moving Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem is just a matter of time, stated for MEDIAFAX, some governmental sources.

Image source: Mediafax

According to the quoted source, Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, told prime-minister Viorica Dancila, Friday morning, during a half hour meeting which took place on Friday, in Varna, Bulgaria and started at 09.00 am, that moving many countries’ embassies, including Romania, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, is just a matter of time.

Netanyahu stated Thursday, in an interview for TV post, that he is “sure” Romania will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, after the US will do the same.

“I do not get involved in other countries policy. We just demand them to accept things as they are. Jerusalem was Jewish’s capital for more than 350 years. I think that the president admits what it is difficult, what it is obvious. Obviously, Jerusalem is a capital and maybe US’s capital (embassy) should be moved to Jerusalem I also think that other states will follow this example. It will be done so with Romania and also with the other states. I am not sure, I do know it- I am sure Romania will consider this situation and it will take a decision, so that the embassy will be moved to Jerusalem”, stated Israeli prime-minister, in an interview for Romania TV.

Furthermore, Israel wants to consolidate its relations with Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, to promote the Israeli policies and to change “European Union’s hypocrite and hostile attitude”, also stated Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Thursday, before the meeting from the Bulgarian city, Varna.

The Israeli prime-minister applauded, Friday, Jair Bolsonaro’s, Brazil’s elected president, “historical” decision, who announced that he intends to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, informed Arutz Sheva site.

Prime-minister Dancila will have, in Varna, starting with 12 pm, common press meetings with Serbian president, Aleksandr Vucic, Bulgarian prime-minister, Boyko Borissov and the Greek one, Alexis Tsipras, and Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Melescanu, stated on 12th of October, in Parliament, that Ministry’s of Foreign Affairs (MFA) analysis regarding Romania’s relocation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was transmitted to prime-minister Viorica Dancila, who, after her own analysis, will send it to the Presidential Administration. Melescanu added that there is no bottoming on this topic, final decision’s delay being caused by the simple fact that it is a “complicated issue”.

President Klaus Iohannis said, 28th of August, at the Annual Reunion of Romania Diplomacy, that Romania’s position regarding Jerusalem’s state condition did not change, although the Government announced in May its intention to move Romania’s embassy head office from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In May, the Government announced its intention to move Romania’s embassy head office from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, MFA developing a secret memorandum to that end.