25 November 2020

NATO mission in Afghanistan. Four Romanian gendarmes will train the local security forces

Petru Mazilu

Four Romanian gendarmes have left Romania on Wednesday, for Afghanistan, where they will train the local security forces. They will join a NATO mission and each gendarme comes from different units from Romania, whereat they had previously passed different medical and practical ability tests.

Image source: Mediafax

“Four Romanian gendarmes have left for Afghanistan to represent Romania in a new NATO mission that was handed over to our country. The selected gendarmes come from different units of the Romanian Gendarmerie and will provide training, counseling and assistance for the afghan security forces and institutions”, said the representatives of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

Before the mission, the gendarmes were isolated for 14 days. Also, they had to pass different tests.

“This year, the selection of participants was different and the officers had to stay isolated for 14 before going on the mission. For the participation to the mission, they had to pass different tests, such as English linguistic tests, psychological and medical tests. Also, they were also tested for COVID-19 and the results were negative”, said the gendarmes.

So far, the Romanian Gendarmerie has dislocated 13 units during the NATO mission. Currently, there are other Romanian gendarmes as well joining international missions of NATO and EU.