06 July 2021

Morning headlines – July 6th 2021

Florin Jipa

Image source: Twitter

Coronavirus and vaccines

  • Vaccination in Romania: In the last 24 hours, more than 16.000 people got vaccinated (more than 7.000 with both doses). Totally, more than 4.7 million people got the vaccine, with more than 4,5 getting both doses.
  • Coronavirus in Romania: In the last 24 hours, there were recorded 28 new SARS CoV-2 cases, 1 deaths and in ICU there are now 65 people hospitalized.
  • Russian military church for vaccination. Russia’s Orthodox Church criticized, on Monday, those who refuse to vaccinate against COVID-19, calling them „sinners who have to repent for the rest of their life”, says Mediafax. Russia recorded, yesterday, a record number of cases, more than 24.000.

Global political and military events

  • One of the black boxes of the Hercules aircraft which crashed in the Philippines was found. The Filipino authorities have found a black box of the C-130 Hercules aircrafts which crashed, on Sunday, when landing in the Jolo Island in Sulu Province, says AP. The aircraft was transporting 92 soldiers and five vehicles. 50 people died in the aviation tragedy.
  • A drone was taken down near the US embassy in Iraq. Last night, the US air defence systems in the Green Zone of Baghdad have hit and taken down a drone which was targeting the US Embassy, says AP. There were not victims.
  • Iranian military base caught on fire. An industrial military unit from Keredhz village, west of Tehran, where missiles fuel is produced, was caught on fire, on Monday in the afternoon.  The authorities did not say which was the cause of the fire, said AP.
  • Tajikistan sends 20.000 reservists to the border with Afghanistan. The Tajikistani authorities said they will send more soldiers at the border with Afghanistan, including 20.000 reservists, after the Talibans occupied several districts near the common border,.
  • Cyprus and Egypt will hold joint military drills. The Cypriot minister of defence, Charalambos Petrides, and the Egyptian homologue, Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, agreed, on Monday, for their armies to hold military drills soon, to increase the Eastern Mediterranean’s stability. The two officials have met on Monday in Egypt.

Romania’s defence and security

  • The Bulgarian Chief of Defence visits Romania. The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces from Bulgaria, admiral Emil Eftimov, will visit Romania, from Tuesday to Thursday,  answering an invitation made by the Romanian Chief of Defence, general-lieutenant Daniel Petrescu. The two officials will discuss regional military cooperation, says MoND.
  • The prime-ministers does not know how money was invested in Health after the Colectiv tragedy. Prime-minister Florin Citu has stated, on Monday, that he wants a report from the Ministry of Health about the investments made after the Colectiv case. The statement was made in the Parliament, after the last victims of a fire were sent abroad for health assistance, says Agerpress.
  • Phishing attack on clients of some Romanian banks. The clients of some banks received, lately, emails which look similar to the ones sent by the bank, announcing the clients that they need to update their personal data on the website, said CERT-RO.