28 July 2021

Morning headlines – July 28th 2021

Florin Jipa

Image source: IGSU

Coronavirus and vaccines

  • Vaccination in Romania: In the last 24 hours, more than 15.000 people got vaccinated. Totally, more than 4.9 million people got the vaccine, with more than 4,8 getting both doses.
  • Coronavirus in Romania: In the last 24 hours, there were recorded 175 new SARS CoV-2 cases, 2 deaths and in ICU there are now 43 people hospitalized.

Global political and military events

  • The US asks Great Britain to focus on defending Europe. The US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has criticized, on Tuesday, Great Britain’s Government decision to develop military missions in Asia, arguing that Europe’s defence might be neglected, says Financial Times. (Aleph News)
  • Biden accused Russia of interfering in the 2020 legislative elections. US’s president has accused Russia on Tuesday for trying to interfere in the 2022 legislative elections in the SU by spreading `disinformation`, according to a speech held in front of the intelligence community. (Agerpress)
  • Report: China is modifying the commercial ships turning them into amphibious ships. China changed its legislation so that it can use commercial ships for military purposes so it started to modify part of these ships turning them into amphibious ships, to then transport troops in Taiwan, says a report by Ian Easton, an analyst at the 2049 Project Institute from Virginia. (Forbes)
  • British ships ignored China’s warning and have entered the South China Sea. Ships from the strike group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth have entered in the South China Sea ignoring the Chinese government’s warnings. China is disputing 1.3 million square miles in this region, claiming these belong to China’s territorial waters. (UK Defence Journal)

Romania’s defence and security

  • There are more Romanian newborns abroad than in the country. This year, more Romanian babies were born abroad than in the country, said the minister of Labour, Raluca Turcan. She gave Germany as an example, as after the German newborns, the Romanian babies are the second resident population there. 93.000 Romanian minors up to 10 years are residents there. (Aleph News)
  • The National Ambulance Day. The ambulances’ siren will be heard all over the country today, at 10am, to mark the Natioanl Ambulance Day. On Wednesday, we celebrate 115 years since the Ambulances started to be used in our country.