03 August 2021

Morning headlines – August 3rd 2021

Florin Jipa

Image source: Profimedia

Coronavirus and vaccines

  • Vaccination in Romania: In the last 24 hours, more than 12.000 people got vaccinated. Totally, more than 5 million people got the vaccine, with more than 4,8 getting both doses.
  • Coronavirus in Romania: In the last 24 hours, there were recorded 137 new SARS CoV-2 cases, 4 deaths, and in ICU there are now 63 people hospitalized.

Global political and military events

  • Belarus militant, gone missing in Kiev. Vitaly Shishov, the head of Belarus exile group in Ukraine left on Monday morning for a run in Kiev but he never came back, said the organization. He could not be contacted on this mobile phone, said the source. (Agerpress)
  • Belarus authorities told the mother of the abducted athlete that she was recruited for the secrete services. The Belarus authorities told the mother of athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, who was rescued by the Tokyo Police while she was taken by force to Belarus during the Olympic Games that her daughter was recruited by the secrete services and must get back to her country immediately. (AP)
  • Great Britain is considering the launch of a cyber attack on Iran. The Great Britain’s Armed Forces reviewed many military options as a reaction to the Mercer Streat ship attack, on Friday morning, with an armed drone, which led to the death of two sailors, a Romanian and British one. Among the options are cyber attacks and drone attacks over ships breaking the UN embargo in Syria. (Daily Mail)
  • Iran put the air defence on alert. Iran put the air defence on an alert, after it was accused fir attacking a tanker and killing two civilian sailors. The last time it put the air defence on alert was when Iran took down a civilian airline from Ukraine, in 2020, by mistake, killing 176 people on board. (Shafak)

Romania’s defence and security

  • MFA, warning for the Romanian tourists who are transiting or going to Bulgaria on a holiday: until Tuesday, there are red and orange codes for heat. (Aleph News)
  • Timisoara’s Day  - the day the Romanian Armed Forces entered in the city, in 1919. Timisoara is celebrating 102 years since the Romanian troops entered Banat, under the command of colonel Virgil Economu, on August 3rd. The city’s day got to the 11th edition and will be celebrated for many days, wherein are scheduled celebrations in the center of the city and in some districts. (Timis Online)