01 February 2022

Military convoys belonging to the 2nd Călugăreni Infantry Battalion, on the Bucharest-DNCB-A2-Medgidia route

Mihai Draghici

The Ministry of National Defence announces that two military convoys have been moving between Bucharest and Medgidia since Tuesday. The clarification appears as on social media circulate false information regarding the movement of some military forces near the eastern borders of Romania.

Image source: MoND

Two military convoys, belonging to the 2nd Călugăreni Infantry Battalion, are moving, on 1 and 3 February, to the headquarters of the 911 Capidava Infantry Battalion, on the route Bucharest-DNCB-A2-Medgidia.

The trip has occured between 06:00 and 10:00, and the convoys consist of armored amphibious transporters and transport trucks, the Ministry of National Defence has announced.

This is part of the instruction activities and has been planned since 2021, speficies the defence Ministry.