08 August 2018

Mihai Fifor: Almost 8000 people left the system last year

Ionut Jifcu

National Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, said on Wednesday, in Craiova, that he is trying to solve the work force deficit he is confronting with, after 8000 people left the system last year.

Image source: Mediafax

National Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, stated that he hopes, by the end of the year, to hire around 6000 people.

“It is not easy to attract people in Romania’s Army, the loss from the last year was really consistent, around 8000 people left the system. This year we started the activity with a memorandum, adopted by Romania’s Government, with 6457 posts available through competition, just to try to balance the human resource from the army. Things do not happen overnight, we hope by the end of the year to try to occupy these positions”, said Fifor.

He added that we are talking about positions for medics, phycologists or engineers.

“There are all types of positions, including 400 medic positions, phycologists, engineers. On the other hand, each category of forces asked for a number of posts that we tried to include in this memorandum”, stated Mihai Fifor.


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