27 July 2018

Maritime silk road, part of the international order

Sergiu Medar

The recent international political and economic progresses that were globally registered show more and more that there is a new world’s placing, on new rules. The old liberal order is replaced with new adapted forms, more to multilateralism rules supported by the economic authoritarianism, than to globalism, where state’s intervention regulates the evolution. At this tendency takes part China, which in the last two-three years, through implementing the new program “Belt and Road Initiative”, starts to show and to be recognized as a first-class global power.

Image source: Mediafax

In the last year, since the public statements of the U.S president, Donald Trump, seemed to be against the usual procedures, discussions about a new international order started to show up. It becomes obvious that the world is more and more estranged from the liberal international order from the Second World War period. The international policy adopted by Trump could be in this tendency too. The world is no longer unipolar, and the states must assume economic and security responsibilities. [...]

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