24 July 2018

Main political and military developments - Week 29 / 2018

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

U.S. – RUSSIA. The Meeting between the American and Russian Presidents in Helsinki The meeting between the American President, Donald Trump, and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, held in Helsinki, on July 16th, is historical, both for being special, and for its future consequences. D. Trump’s behavior, seeming to put his personal interests before those of the United States, and seeming accomplice to the Russian leader, triggered a wave of indignation in U.S. Covered beneath this veil lies the question that worries all western governments, including Washington, and shakes the confidence of the American elite in the tenant of the White House: what are the deals reached during the two hour tête-a-tête , more precisely, what promises D. Trump made to V. Putin, and on whose account. At this moment, not even the members of the American delegation were made privy to the contents of that discussion!

Image source: Mediafax

Already before the meeting, bad omens rose: D. Trump described the E.U. as an enemy to U.S., based on the bilateral trade deficit. In the same time, he described Russia as only a competitor “in some areas”, and reiterated the idea that the investigation regarding Russia’s meddling in the American presidential elections is a “witch hunt”, although the American prosecutors already indicted twelve Russian GRU officers for illegal activities in that respect. The meeting was quickly seen as a [...]

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