11 June 2021

Klaus Iohannis will attend the NATO summit on Monday. The president will plead for the consolidation of NATO's position of deterrence and defence on the allied eastern flank

Mihai Draghici

Romania's president, Klaus Iohannis, will attend the North Atlantic Alliance summit on Monday, 14 June, at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Image source: Mediafax

At the summit, allied leaders will decide on the priority lines on which to strengthen the Alliance's political and military role, as well as a global player, as a result of the NATO 2030 strategic reflection process, the presidential Administration has announced.

In this context, the summit's agenda also includes the decision to start negotiations on a new Strategic Concept of the Alliance, in the context of fundamental changes in the international security environment compared to the adoption of the current Strategic Concept in 2010.

"The meeting will also reaffirm the essential value of the transatlantic relationship for Euro-Atlantic security, including in the context of the first participation of the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, in an allied Summit. During the debates, leaders will also address current issues such as Euro-Atlantic security challenges, terrorism, cyber threats and disruptive technologies, and set out the actions NATO needs to take to deal with such challenges and threats to the Euro-Atlantic security”, the quoted source announces.

At the Summit, Klaus Iohannis will support the process of adapting NATO to the current security context, so that the Alliance becomes stronger politically and militarily, and will reaffirm NATO's importance for Euro-Atlantic security and norm-based international order.

At the same time, the president will plead for the consolidation of NATO's position of deterrence and defence on the allied eastern flank, especially in the Black Sea region, highlighting the active role of our country as a pillar of stability and security provider. President Klaus Iohannis will also support the further strengthening of the transatlantic relationship, as well as the decision to develop a new Strategic Concept.

"The president of Romania will reaffirm the commitment of our country to contribute to the joint effort of NATO, both operationally and conceptually and financially, by ensuring, further, the minimum threshold of 2% of GDP for defence. At the same time, president Klaus Iohannis will highlight Romania's concrete, strategic contribution to allied efforts to strengthen resilience, including through the recent establishment in Bucharest of the Euro-Atlantic Centre for resilience. Also, the president of Romania will reaffirm the support of our country for cooperation with partners, especially with the European Union, highlighting the components on which the strategic partnership between the two organizations is based, as well as the complementarity between NATO and the European Union. Equally, president Klaus Iohannis will refer to the importance of deepening NATO cooperation with its partners, especially those in the Eastern Neighborhood", according to the presidential Administration.