08 October 2018

INTERVIEW / Janne Räkköläinen, vice president Patria Vehicle Land Systems:Romania is one of the countries to which we are looking with great interest,

Mircea Olteanu

Image source: Mediafax

Reporter: Where is Romania placed on your company’s business interest map?

Janne Räkköläinen: Romania is one of the countries to which we are looking with great interest, at what is happening in the field of armoured vehicles, as well as mortar systems, and what will be the possible future opportunities and future needs of the Romanian land forces. Of course, we know that the latest programmes has been agreed, but we are still looking with great interest for possibilities to cooperate and see what business opportunities are, as well as provide capabilities for Romanian soldiers, as well as for economy.

Reporter: What are the chances of a joint acquisition programme involving several countries in the region?

Of course, We are open to that type and various types of discussions, we have the capability to offer one platform and modify it according to needs of specific armies, but eventually having as one package to achieve greater economical benefits.

Reporter: Are you aware of discussions of this kind in the region?

Janne Räkköläinen: These are, basically, case by case discussions.

Reporter: What is the perspective of your company regarding the European Defense Fund and the new UE defence policy? What opportunities this policy is offering European defence industry?

Janne Räkköläinen: Patria as a company, we have been very active in different programs set by EU, as well as by the European Union defence agency, and the new EDF possible programs in the future. There is a really important factor that industry and different nations will work together and set the program, set the needs for the future. It is a benefit for the all the nations being able to join forces together with the industry and get basically new developments funded by EU.