30 July 2018

Iron Dome against fire kites- clearly asymmetric

Liviu Ioniţă

The Gaza situation and the conflict between Israel and HAMAS in this area are very much debated in mass media, and the international press agencies bring us daily news, yet not the best, about the events in this area. Starting with 30th of March the security situation got worse and it was continuously damaging, both parts of this conflict acting not to negotiation, but to escalation. The events in the last two weeks, the violent reactions of HAMAS militants, as well as the tough answer of the Israeli security forces and its military exercises deployed, showed that an incursion of the Israeli army in Gaza can start any moment, with tragic consequences for those involved, but, mainly for the Palestinian population living in enclave. As things are at the moment, a new war cannot be avoided.

Image source: Mediafax

Gaza, the biggest open-air prison in the world Israel made movement restrictions over Gaza since the beginning of 1990. The restrictions augmented in June 2017, after Hamas took the control over this occupied Palestinian territory, when Israel demanded a land, maritime and air blockade over Gaza, for security reasons. Despite the last years calming restrictions about the blockade, almost 2 million Palestinians in Gaza remain “locked”, their free access to the rest of the territory [...]

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