11 October 2019

INTERVIEW with General Iulian Berdila: Romania can cope with a large spectrum of threats | VIDEO

Nicolae Oprea

General-Major Iulian Berdila, commander of the Multinational Division Southeast, has stated, in an interview for the Defence and Security Monitor (D.S.M.) that Romania can cope with a large spectrum of threats, challenges and “even scenarios”.

In an interview for D.S.M., at the Conference on “The national security policy, from strategic thinking to security and defence institutions”, general-major Iulian Berdila has stated that Romania is mature enough to cope with the Eastern threats and challenges.

The Commander of the Multinational Division Southeast also states that Romania has made a lot of progresses in terms of deterrence and defence in the region.

We are presenting you the entire interview, below:

The Defence and Security Monitor: Which are the main threats against national security and how can Romania face them?

Iulian Berdila: This is an extremely complex and important question given Romania’s nowadays security context. There is a complexity of threats, especially in the Black Sea Region, a region that Romania has militarily assumed as a stability constructor in the area and a catalyst of capabilities, to deter and defend. The command I run is one of the most relevant examples for such a security context, marked by a variety of threats, challenges, but also opportunities.

The Defence and Security Monitor: How important is the command that you run, here, in the region?

Iulian Berdila: I was talking about Romania’s responsible role increase in the military field and the Alliance and, through this matter, Romania has acknowledged the necessity to strengthen the deterrence and defence posture in the area. Immediately after 2014-2015, Romania has responsibly assumed the initiative to create an upward motion, especially in terms of army forces, and has promoted the idea of establishing this Multinational Division Command, together with a Multinational Brigade Command. Hereof, two commands that are, today, operational and are mainly a catalyst element of the security, stability and cooperation needs. The Multinational Division Southeast is a structure that promotes collective training and provides a platform of extremely useful multinational exercises, for the member states and the partners in the region.

The Defence and Security Monitor: Is Romania, together with NATO, ready to face the increased threats in the region?

Iulian Berdila: With no hesitation, I will say “yes”. Obviously, threats have a pretty large spectrum and a great and volatile intensity, but, only together, the Alliance can actually address them in a collective manner.

The Defence and Security Monitor: Is there any risk for a military threat coming from the East?

Iulian Berdila: We can talk about risks only within a larger spectrum. Many of the professional forums are discussing about what does “threat” means today and what are the catastrophic scenarios. I would say that Romania can face a large spectrum of threats, challenges and even scenarios, because it has the necessary maturity. Romania has proved that it can develop its major military capabilities.

The Defence and Security Monitor: How important is naming a Romanian for the position of deputy secretary general of NATO?

Iulian Berdila: It is extremely important and good for all of us. Indeed, this appointment makes us proud, but also responsible in terms of what is next within the Alliance, especially in terms of opportunities to develop the partnership.

The Defence and Security Monitor: Is Romania vulnerable to cyber-attacks now, before the presidential elections?

Iulian Berdila: Nowadays, there are many evidences on the development of cyber-attacks related to military capabilities. The fact that Romania has created cyber-defence capabilities confirms the need to integrate such modern capabilities in Romania’s following military strategy, but also confirms the maturity the Romanian army has when addressing unconventional fields, which are affecting the definition of the conflict and war’s nature, as we see it today.