02 June 2020

INTERVIEW with General Ben Hodges: Russia, the biggest threat to Romania

Florin Jipa

General-lieutenant (r) Ben Hodges has recently elaborated, within the Center for European Policy Analysis a strategy for the Eastern flank of NATO, called: ONE FLANK, ONE THREAT, ONE PRESENCE.

According to the American general, who led the American Army Forces in Europe, Russia’s actions is the biggest threat against Romania’s security.

As for the future actions of Kremlin, the American general said that Russia wants to control Black Sea’s North and he anticipates that “Odessa is on the menu at some point, which means that Moldova is on the way”.

“There is a reason why they have thousands of Russian troops in Transdniestria. There is a division of Transdniestrian troops led by Russian officers and equipped by Kremlin. So, I think the potential is there”, said Hodges.

Romania should create A2D2 (Anti Access/Area Denial) systems  and Russian forces’ interdictions and to protect its coasts and its gas platforms, advised the American official. To that end, besides aviation and anti-ship missiles, a great way to do that would be to add unmanned maritime systems, which would block the seven Russian submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, added Hodges.

At the end of the interview, general Hodges also gave some advices for those elaborating the National Defence Strategy: make Romania attractive for investments and keep its young talented people in the country.

“Hundreds of thousands of Romanians leave Romania and go to other countries. Keeping young people in Romania is part of the national security”.