17 July 2018

Helsinki, 16th of July, 2018- the first Trump-Putin official meeting. - Another “Yalta 2.0”? better not!

Adriean PÂRLOG

First considerations: Helsinki hosted for the fourth time a meeting between a US president and its homologous from the Russian Federation (or USSR). The last three were majorly important for world’s security. We are talking about the meetings in 1975 (Ford- Brejnev), 1990 (G.W.Bush- Gorbachev) and 1998 (Clinton-Eltin). This one from July 2018 approached actually all the big files regarding the contemporary international stability. For the updates of the event, from Finland’s capital, were appointed more than 200 journalists coming from more than 60 countries.

Image source: Mediafax

After the NATO summit from 11-12 of July, so popular due to Trump’s behavior, on 16 th of July was held the first official meeting between the presidents of the US and the Russian Federation. The tensions in Brussels, especially the ones referring to the defence budget spending, continued due to the relative lack of trust between the Europeans allies and the US. For this, on 15 th of July, just one day before the meeting in Helsinki, Germany’s Government asked the US president to not [...]

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