03 August 2018

George Friedman: Russia is a super power, in a new reality, which is not a new Cold War

Laura Buciu

George Friedman: Russia is a super power, in a new reality, which is not a new Cold War, stated, on Friday, for the Defence and Security Monitor, George Friedman, founder and president of Geopolitical Future


“I think we should not talk about Cold War, but about new realities, in which Russia is a superpower, Turkey is important, Romania and the US are also important. I think it is simpler to talk about a new period, which cannot be compared to the Cold War”, said Friedman, asked if at this moment we can talk about a long term Cold War and what will the characteristics of such conflict would be.

George Friedman participates, Friday and Saturday, in Sibiu, at a conference about Black Sea’s security, organized by Lucian Blaga University.

At a plenary session participated also, along George Friedman, James Carafano, Heritage Foundation’s vice- President, Cristian Diaconescu, ex-Foreign Minister and Mihai Somordolea, CSAT secretary.

The discussion were focused on geopolitical and geostrategic interests on Black Sea, identification of capable resources to transform this confrontation scene, rivalry, and official ambitions in a key opportunity.

“By consolidating the Strategic Partnership with the US, Romania became a predictable and active ally in the region. Thanks to this Romanian diplomatic efforts, the Black Sea has the potential to become a platform in assuring trust and mutual commitment, by building a “Security Trust” route- a concept proposed by Romania in 2015 and found in the European Neighborhood Policy in November 2015 under the name “thematic framework”- having the purpose of implementing a security belt around Europe”, according to conference’s organizers.