16 April 2019

George Ciamba, European Affairs Minister: Black Sea area does not work by the book

Nicolae Oprea

George Ciamba, the Deputy Minister for European Affairs, has stated on Tuesday, at the DMS conference on security, that the Black Sea are does not work by the book, and the fact that we spend more for defence does not mean threats are less.

Image source: Mediafax

“We have a different geography comparing to other member states, which makes us focus more on security and the transatlantic relation, because only this way we can ensure Romania’s security. Romania is in an area wherein borders have changed, and we know what being that close to the conflict means. (…) Now there are all sort games in the area, which are disturbing NATO’s activity. The Black Sea area does not work by the book, we must adapt fast. There is a greater interest here than in the Baltic countries area. We must take advantage on the security NATO gives us here, at the Black Sea”, stated George Ciamba across the DMS Conference – a conference on security and defence, organized in Bucharest by the Defence and Security Monitor (part of MEDIAFAX).

According to the minister, Black Sea’s area security can only be ensured by NATO.

If we are talking about a European Army, it is important to ensure security, but for now this security can be ensured only by NATO (…) We have celebrated 75 years since NATO’s foundation, but also 15 years since we have become a fully-fledged member”, also stated Ciamba.

“Romania spends more for defence, but the fact that we spend more does not mean threats are less. Some neighbor countries are trying to use a defensive position and that is a true propaganda campaign. It is important to be convincing” added the Minister.

Defence and Security Monitor organizes, Tuesday, the “Transatlantic security bridges over increasing security vision gaps- Romania’s perspective” conference”, among the guests being also security experts, high-level militaries and members of the intelligence services.