Privacy Policy

Details about us

The privacy of your personal data is very important to us. This commitment to respect privacy will explain what personal data MEDIAFAX SA collects from you throughout our interactions and how we use that data.

Our identification data are as follows: Company name: MEDIAFAX SA Registered office: Nicolae Iorga St., no.5, Room 3, Floor 3, Sector 1, Bucharest; Unique registration code: RO 27189522 National Trade Registration No: J/40/6876/2010 Phone number: 0318.256.410

What is personal data?

Personal data amounts to unique individual information regarding an identified or identifiable („targeted person”), individual, referring to name, address, Personal National Identification Number, IP or telephone number, tracking data, online identifiers, , or to one or more specific elements, pertaining to his physical, physiological, genetic, psychical, economic, cultural or social identity.

Every time we ask for your personal information we will explain the purpose for which we require it, where it will be stored and who can access it. Of course, we inform you that whenever you require, we will make available to you all the information we have about you, and we will act without hesitation to delete them if you request it.

What personal data we collect and why

We collect personal data to be able to successfully answer your requests. You are providing some of this data directly, for example when you send us a message through the contact form, or indirectly, identification data through your IP address. We do not use your IP address to identify you, but we inform you that it remains stored the moment you access our site – mainly for security reasons. You have the right to request for your IP address to be deleted!!

Depending on the interactions you have with our site, the personal information we collect is the following:

•      Name and surname – for identification purposes;

•      E-mail address – for identification purposes;

•      Telephone number – for communication purposes;

•      Message – Field in which you can describe your problem or question

Personal data which is requested when sending the message is used ONLY to contact you and reply to your inquiry. Later, data covered by the tax code will be requested to tax the products you order or win.

Here is the data you transmit involuntarily, when you interact with our website:

IP Address – When you enter our site, the IP address is registered. But we DO NOT use your IP address to identify you or for any other purposes. 

The operating system, browser, browsing activity and other information regarding how you interact with site. We can collect this information through the use of cookies or other similar technologies.


We use only statistics cookies, which can be deactivated directly from you browser. Statistics cookies help site owners understand the way their visitors interact with their sites through anonymous collection and reporting of data. The provider we work with to measure the site’s traffic is Google Analytics, and in the following we will present you the cookies used by our site:




Expires after

















What is the legal basis of processing this data?

The data you voluntarily offer us (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address) – its legal basis is to make approaches at the request of the concerned person before establishing a contract (art.6 line (1) lett. b and c of the (EU) regulation 679/2016).

We use data to issue you a tax invoice, if applicable.

Regarding data we automatically collect through the use of cookies or other similar technologies, the basis for their processing is consent. Once you access the site, by selecting the YES/I agreeoption you express valid consent on processing.

What is the purpose of collecting data and how do we use your personal data

You can choose in regards to what data we collect. When you are requested to offer personal data, you have the right to refuse. If you choose to not provide data which is necessary to provide a service or to communicate with us, there is the possibility that you will not obtain the desired information (for example, by providing information you can place an order through the site).

–Name and surname–

How do we use your name and surname?


Contacting you

It is necessary that you give us certain personal data to begin communications regarding entering a contract.

Detecting and preventing fraud

To prevent the use of your data by other users, it is necessary that we send you e-mails to confirm your identity.

Customer support

We use your data to offer customer support services and assistance services (details) either directly, either through a call center


—-Information regarding the telephone, laptop or table and about how you use the site

The information you give us when you browse our site, including the IP address and type of device.

How we use the information about your telephone, laptop or tablet and about how you use the site


We make your experience on the site better, offering you the best optimized version for your device.

Offering the best possible browsing experience for this site.

We protect the site

To prevent and detect fraud attempts made against you or our site. To ensure data privacy.

You are under no obligation to give us any of the aforementioned information, but if you choose not to do this, you might not enjoy the full experience of browsing our site.

Data retention period.

We store personal data only for the time necessary to accomplish these goals, but up until the moment you decide to deactivate your user account. In the case where we issue you an invoice, your data will be stored for 10 years, according to legal provisions.

Who do we share personal data with?

We will NOT share your information with third parties, to be used for their own marketing or trade goals, without your consent.

It is possible though that we can share your data with the following entities:

Service providers. We can share your data with other companies which provide services to us and act as authorized persons, such as companies which help us with billing, companies performing maintenance for our website or who send e-mails on our behalf.

These entities are carefully selected with special care to ensure the fact that they comply with our data protection requirements. These entities have a limited capability of using your information for other means than to provide services for us;

Information offered by you, which contain identification data can be used for establishing employment documentation and other documents exclusively related to work relations, commercial communications or responses to inquiries sent by you, and in the case of legitimate requests, they will be sent to state authorities: the Territorial Labor Inspectorate, the National Agency for Employment, Judicial Authorities, and other parties with your consent or at your request.

What are your rights as a concerned person?

Protecting individuals in regards to processing personal data represents a fundamental right. Article 8 line (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and article 16 line (1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union both state the right of any person to protection of their personal data.

The rights of concerned persons regarding the protection of persons in regards to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data: the right to information and access; the right to intervene on the data; the right to rectification; the right to deletion of data; the right to restrict processing; the right to data portability; the right to opposition and to the automated individual decision-making, including creating profiles; the right to file a complaint with the relevant watchdog (



– you want to learn more details about the information presented on this page,

– you want us to stop using data we have regarding you,

– you want to exert any of the aforementioned rights,

– or if you have a complaint about us.

Please write to us at the e-mail address

You can oppose at any time and without any justification the processing of your personal data for direct marketing, by sending making a request through  MEDIAFAX SA (by accessing the contact form for the address or you can send a written request by mail to our address, signed and mentioning the date. In this case, your request will be forwarded to the specialized department of  MEDIAFAX SA; it is possible that you might receive a message which confirms that we took note of the action, as well as other necessary information, if applicable.