20 July 2018

Aircraft Fighter - the pilots

Stefan Danila

Each year, on 20th of July, when it’s Saint Ilie’s day, we also celebrate Romanian’s aviation day. And Air Force’s Day. This is the day when we look at the sky, excited that we are seeing a contrail, a plane or a helicopter. Yet, let’s just think a little further. Let’s discover the people behind this. The ones managing the stick. And this time, some of them, are fight pilots, that we are used to see in their kaki costume, rather than in the blue uniform. We talk a lot about them, especially when they are gone and cannot hear us anymore. When applauds, heroes titles and ranks have no value for them anymore. But how much of the fighter pilot life do we know (hunting, classically)? Some that rode Doru Davidovici and Dumitru Berbunschi (Foozy) may know a little, or the ones that saw the movies made by the aviation unities, or the families… But the only ones that truly know what it means to be a military pilot in Romania are just a few! And these are becoming less… Moreover the fighter pilots are unfortunately dealing with a new drama. This is the subject that I will debate, with all the interpretation risks of any kind.

Image source: Mediafax

Each beginning is different, but has the same dream, to fly, to touch the sky and watch the ground from above. There are tests and evaluations, exams, filters, rigorously made, that only the prepared ones pass. The conventions are severe and were made as a results of the previous experiences. Almost each evaluated parameter has behind a broken wing. Only the successful ones are starting the training. Theoretically, at the Air Force Academy, in Brasov (previously at the Officers Military [...]

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