04 October 2019

D.S.M. Conference | General (ret.) Teodor Frunzeti: Due to the situation in the Black Sea Region, it was felt the need to elaborate a special strategy for Romania

Andreea Soare

General (ret.) Teodor Frunzeti stated, Thursday, within the DSM Conference, that after the worrying developments, from the last period, it was felt the need to create a special strategy for Romania related to the Black Sea Region security.

Image source: Mediafax

“I would like to start by discussing what Romania’s national security means, which is, in fact, the specific method the Romanian state ensures security for its citizens, state’s security and Romania’s security. It is, at the same time, a product, a process, a multilevel process, I would say. It has many approach levels, following a pyramidal structure, at its top being a document which, through content and structure, is related to how the Romanian state understands the way it must ensure nation’s security and it is equally addressed to our allies; because in this security provision process we must be transparent and predictable; because our allies must understand what and how we want to do it”, stated General (ret.) Teodor Frunzeti.

“As for strategy’s implementation method, well, here we face another issue, because based on this strategy, in other words, based on country’s National Defence Strategy, it is established an implementation plan, which is created by the presidential administration and then approved by country’s  Supreme Council of Defence. Through this plan, all state’s institutions to have a role and legal attributions in ensuring the national security, which means Romania’s force institutions, and precise and clear obligations. This document is no longer a public document, due to the translation into an operational environment of the actions foreseen in the National Defence Strategy, this is why such document is classified. Each year, we make an analysis of this document and the way these tasks are accomplished”, added General (ret.) Teodor Frunzeti.

He also stated that due to some important developments, the national strategy may need additional changes: “The document must be developed so that to have no concrete or fixed elements for certain situations. The current document was enough flexible so that it will be available in the following period also”.

“For example, it was felt the need for Romania’s presence in NATO to be stronger. Therefore, it was felt the need to come up with a consolidation strategy for Romania’s role within NATO, a strategy approved by the Defence Supreme Council. Also, given the worrying events from the Black Sea Region, it was felt the need to elaborate strategies for Black Sea area’s security assurance. Our own strategy, Romania’s strategy. It was elaborated and approved by the Defence Supreme Council. I cannot give you any details, because these documents are classified and are only dedicated to the institutions in the defence field. It is good for the people and the political environment to know that such approaches and acknowledgment of the phenomena exist”, stated Teodor Frunzeti.

The Defence and Security Monitor organized, on Thursday, at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, the Conference on “The national security policy, from strategic thinking to the security and defence institutions”, a debate forum with important guests from Romania and abroad. Among the topics approached at the event, there were the “the fundamental national interests and the threats against the national security”, “Romania’s capacity to provide national security” and the “national security concept of Romania” in an international context.