04 October 2019

D.S.M. Conference | General (ret.) Constantin Degeratu: In order to defend its national identity, Romania must first set its national security clearly

Mihai Draghici

Romania must clearly set how it is going to defend its national interests, to preserve its national identity, stated, at the DSM Conference, General (ret.) Constantin Degeratu, former presidential counsellor and former chief of the Major Staff of the Army, also calling on the foreign and domestic risks.

Image source: Mediafax

“Once you join NATO, you also must face the consequences of being a NATO member- one of them is, now, the fact that Russia is an enemy, defined as aggressor state by the two summits- from the Wales and Warsaw. From this perspective, I think our national interest, in terms of national security, is, now, essential, starting from the idea that both NATO and the European Union are organizations strongly founded following the UN Carta principles of the national and multinational states, but sovereign and independent, placing the interests and values on the same boat (…)”, stated general (ret.) Constantin Degeratu, at the Conference organized by the Defence and Security Monitor (DSM).

“Our interest is keeping the Romanian national identity, to protect it, to link and promote it as identity, which is truly being developed or manifested on the territory. (…) This would be the main problem now and this is the main danger against Romania currently, it is the threat against its national identity, which is coming from the outside through hostile anti-identity concepts, like Moldavianism, Moldavian statehood, which is one of the greatest threats against Romania, but also the most inconspicuous, the Transylvanian statehood. Why? Because, objectively, it seems that some states’ objective, such as Russia’s, is state’s dissolution in this area. This is the main danger; the main concerns are the foreign ones”, argued Constantin Degeratu.

“We definitely need to clarify the concepts, because I have recently seen a declaration, at the highest level, talking about Romania as a failing state. A strategy for a failing state cannot be done anymore form the inside, but from the outside. I do not think that we are a failing state, but I do think that what is happening inside, this political cannibalism, can create the proper premises for a failing state. It does not seem to be an economic failing, nor a social one. Could this be a political failing? Because if we really are in a political failing condition, we can no longer talk about a defence capacity establishment”, stated Degeratu, also underlining that “the first threat against our national security is ourselves”.