04 October 2019

D.S.M. Conference | Constantin Ionescu: The human resource issue is Romania’s second greatest vulnerability

Nicolae Oprea

Constantin Ionescu, state counsellor, has stated, on Thursday, at the Defence and Security Monitor Conference, that the human resource, due to migration, is Romania’s second greatest vulnerability.

Image source: Mediafax

“In July, the Romanian gases, after the 114 Ban, got to be 33% more expensive than the import gases. Energy’s average was 555 RON per MWh, meanwhile in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary it was 46-54 euro, which is almost three times bigger”, stated, on Thursday, the state counsellor, Constantin Ionescu, at the “The national security policy, from strategic thinking to security and defence institutions” conference, organized by the Defence and Security Monitor.

Constantin Ionescu has stated that all this situation, in terms of gases, represents a vulnerability.

As for enlarged national security, Ionescu says that a big threat to that end can also come from the inside: “The first thing one must do is solving the issues around him/she. And the biggest problem is not the one related to material vulnerabilities”, stated Constantin Ionescu.

The State Counsellor also talked about the values Romania gained after the 1989 Revolution, mentioning Romanians’ freedom of movement. This freedom, from his perspective, led to Romanians’ migration abroad.

“We have also gained the freedom of movement, although the human resource issue is Romania’s biggest vulnerability as we speak. It is not their fault that they are leaving for prosperity, it is our fault that we cannot offer them here what they want”, stated Ionescu.

Given Romanians’ large migration and talking on Romania’s domestic vulnerabilities, Constantin Ionescu has mentioned the case of a Romanian guy, from Spain, who three weeks before vacation could not solve a simple problem here, in Romania.

“A Romanian citizen could not solve an issue, in Romania, three weeks before vacation, and in Spain, because those working for the city hall could not solve it in one day, they then came to his house with the issue solved”, also stated Ionescu.

Constantin Ionescu is a state counsellor, director of the Integrated Intelligence Office, within the National Security Department of the Presidential Administration.

The Defence and Security Monitor organized, on Thursday, at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, the Conference on “The national security policy, from strategic thinking to the security and defence institutions”, a debate forum with important guests from Romania and abroad. Among the topics approached at the event, there were the “the fundamental national interests and the threats against the national security”, “Romania’s capacity to provide national security” and the “national security concept of Romania” in an international context.

Starting from the idea that “national security is nation’s most important value”, the participants at the conference, among them also dr. Thomas-Durell Young, the Israeli General (r) Itai Brun, the Polish General (r) Jaroslaw Strozyk, will analyze the significances of the national security concept within the transformations of the international system, especially in the Euro-Atlantic space.

Conference’s objectives are related to understanding the importance of national defence and security by Romania’s citizens, from understanding the role of the institutions to the transparency of using state funds, to involving citizens in the strategic decisions and identifying nation’s objectives and solutions of the future National Defence Strategy.