16 April 2019

DSM Conference – Charles Wald: The geopolitical configuration is changing, NATO must adapt

Mihai Draghici

The geopolitical configuration is changing, and the North-Atlantic Alliance must adapt to the new security challenges, states Charles Wald, former commander of the US Command Europe, praising the initiative of the Defence and Security Monitor Conference.

Image source: Mediafax

I want to thank this “extraordinary team”, which organized the Defence and Security Monitor Conference. “I have to congratulate you” for organizing this event, underlined Wald.

“I know there was a concern about the US commitments across NATO, but the main issue is not related to US’s commitments to NATO, but the commitments  of other countries across NATO”, added General Charles Wald, underlining that the international alliances give influence to participant nations.

“There are many problems around the world, I have never seen such things. China is not a trivial topic. Defence is no longer only military, but also economic, diplomatic. It is not only about the military power, alliances are important at an international level”, added general Charles Wald, at the end of the Defence and Security Monitor Conference.

“I think it would be better for Romania to continue to be US’s close partner and we expect the United States to be a stronger partner for Romania too”, mentioned Charles Wald, mentioning that Romania is on a “democratic pathway”, with economic, coherent and “influential” policies.

“The idea of alliances like NATO is for a group of nations to have a greater importance at a political, economic and military level”, insisted General Charles Wald, calling on more effective modernization procedures for the military equipment.

Charles Wald has stated that countries across NATO should not have doubts about US’s commitments to the North Atlantic Alliance. “If there will be a call on art. 5, I bet the US and NATO will emerge”, underlined Charles Wald, saying that the same thing should be mutually applied in case of military threats targeting the US.