16 April 2019

DSM Conference: Arnold Dupuy: Romania is an essential security element in the South-East Europe

Mihai Draghici

Romania is an essential security element in South- East Europe, stated on Tuesday, at the Defence and Security Monitor Conference (DMS), Arnold Dupuy, consultancy expert for Booz Allen Hamilton and analyst for the US Defence Department.

Image source: Mediafax

“Romania has an essential security role in South- East Europe”, has stated Arnold Dupuy at the “Transatlantic security bridges over increasing security vision gaps- Romania’s perspective”, an event organized by the Defence and Security Monitor.

The expert has reminded that “given that Turkey is modifying its position, Romania has a closer and closer relation to NATO and the European Union”.

The North-Atlantic Alliance needs “a strong regional nation”, given the increasing dormant conflicts a militarization from East Europe.

“Energetic security is very important”, has underlined Arnold Dupuy, reminding about “China’s increasing influence” in South-East Europe.

Romania has the chance to become an important regional leader across NATO, underlined Arnold Dupuy.

Arnold Dupuy is a Booz Allen Hamilton employee working as an analyst at the U.S. Department of Defense. In his capacity at OE, Dr. Dupuy provides qualitative and quantitative analyses of operational energy risks to mission assurance, a particular area of interest being the cyber-energy nexus and geo-political challenges.